Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our Little Burkling

Announcing the birth of Margaret Naomi Burk. She was born on November 17th, at 5:41 PM. She weighed in at 7 lbs, 9 ounces, and 20 inches long. She has long, dark brown hair, blue eyes, and a dimple on her right cheek. She hates getting her diaper changed, loves getting her hair washed and combed, loves sleeping on Mom’s chest at night, and loves to nurse. Did I mention that she already has a double chin? Pretty good for 2 and 1/2 weeks early!

4 days old... Ok so I love taking pictures, and now I have the cutest model...
Here is a prego picture 2 days before I had her:

It is really difficult to put into words and describe the day of her birth. It was the most difficult but also the most rewarding and the most beautiful days of my life. I had spent a lot of time researching the best way to bring her into the world- and had come to the conclusion that I wanted to go natural. I have had enough surgeries… and really wanted to avoid anything that might make it more possible to have a C-section. As I read and studied about epidurals and petosin, I was horrified at the effect that it had on the baby, and on labor in general. (A great documentary to watch if you are interested in this is The Business of Birth) I learned that these medical “helps” many time lead to an unwanted c-section- because they both lengthen, and intensify labor- leading to fetal distress…etc, etc. I could go on for paragraphs about this- but anyhow I felt that for me – I really needed to go natural. I do realize that everyone is different- and so for many people, and epidural might be the best option… but for me- I just had this gut feeling that I needed to go natural.

An hour or so after her birth...Dan picked out her bow.

In preparation for this labor- I spent a bit of time reading and studying the Hypnobirthing method and the Bradley method. I also spent a great deal of time doing pre-natal yoga- all of which made a huge difference in my labor. (essentially they deal with getting into a relaxed state so your body can labor without fear- which tightens your muscles and makes labor more painful and more difficult) I also had a Doula to help me during my birth (a Doula is like a birthing coach who is there your whole labor to guide you in different positions, massage and apply pressure, and just help be your advocate for a better labor)

But even with this preparation, my labor was a very intense 18 hours- and I progressed slowly. There were many times that I wanted sooo badly to take that epidural- but thankfully with my great support team, (Daniel, My mom, My doula Sarah, my friend Brittany, and my awesome midwife) I was able to keep going and stick to my birth plan. I walked around, got in and out of a birthing tub, used a birthing ball… and just tried to stay relaxed and calm. Finally after 16 hours of labor I was only to a 6.5…. and so my midwife decided to break my water…. And Maggie was born two hours later-. Those two hours were excruciatingly intense, and I was so focused that it all kind of seems like a haze now- but I pushed for 15 minutes, and she was out, very alert, and very calm….

Those are the details of the labor- but it is impossible to describe all the emotion that I felt. It was one of the most spiritual experiences I have ever had- it was so fulfilling and just so rewarding to be able to go through this process.

Moments after birth...
I was so glad my Mom was able to be there- Yay for flights!!
Nonna Bev with Maggie.
My Midwife Kathryn, a few minutes after birth.
After our first nurse..
Daniel in the Nursery with her.

My great labor support team- Brittany on the left, my Doula Sarah on the right.

5 Days Old.

She loves Daniel's voice.

She was born one 8 days before our year anniversary... what a crazy year!

The cutest little model in the world!

So there you have a little bit of my birth story. It still feels inadequate to describe that day, but I suppose it will have to do :)


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