Sunday, February 28, 2010

daddy's girl

It is almost scary how much Maggie looks like Daniel. One of these days I will scan in his baby picture so you can see how similar they look. But here is a little proof that Maggie and Daniel are similar- their natural mohawk. In the morning Daniel has a natural mohawk, and Maggie sports one 24/7... so I thought it would be fun to put the two of them together!

I realized there are hardly any pictures of Maggie with me... So here are some family shots.

and just fyi.. these pictures are a few weeks old. We haven't taken any pictures the past few weeks because Maggie and I have been sick. Daniel has been taking care of us. Soon we should be up and running so we can take more pictures of our little chubster :)

the magster with family

I love that fat face.
These are pictures from Maggie's baby blessing with all the family here.. Here are a few candid photos I shot :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Really? I mean really?

I have been meaning to post these for awhile. So ridiculous, it makes me laugh.

Please make sure and read the small print on these... so silly.

Thank heavens I was born now.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh Baby.

We had Maggie's Baby Blessing on Sunday. It was beautiful and simple.

The dress is a very special story- one of those tender mercies of the Lord. To sum it up- my Aunt Cherie bought it in Riberiao Preto, Brasil before I was born , I wore it when I was blessed, I served my mission in that same city Riberiao Preto, Brasil..Amazing huh? So we thought we would bless little Maggie in it.

Our happy little baby- I finally got some pictures of her smiling!

A Beuatiful day for our beautiful little girl (who still sports a mohawk.. it won't go any other way.)

Dear World

My mom has been slacking in keeping up the blog, so I will fill in for her. She has been super busy taking care of me (muahaha) and working while I sleep. But here is what I have been up to lately:

Trying on christmas hats, and outfits.

Making lots of new friends- Natalie & Sara (I already know her!)
I liked aunt Jamie.
And Aunt Brittany and Aunt Joojie...
I met my Dad's old college roomates, and they have some cute boys... for when I am older. I couldn't help but check them out though... We were suppose to look forward?
I looove Aunt Anna.
I also took my first trip down to San Diego for New Years- and got to play with Aunt Charity while my parents went to the temple.

I met lots of new friends down there too- Becca...
Jen (she had a tasty shirt!)

And I really liked playing with my almost cousin Beckett, even though I didn't like sitting up, He tried to help me.
I hung out with Aunt Charity and Aunt Ali (she's a crazy one!)
And met my Great Grandma Doris, and my Great Grandma and Grandpa Walker. They are really fun!
I love Nona and Papa.

I went my first time to the beach- which was so fun, but I fell asleep watching Dad surf.

Well I think that about fills you in... I should post pictures of my baby blessing, but I am tired. Time to eat- how should I get my mom's attention? I've got it....


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