Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Family Photos

Here are more photos from the ones we took for Christmas. In our Christmas card we had true and false facts... So I will tell you some true facts for those of you who care :)


Maggie may not walk, but makes up for it for the other amazing skills she has. She loves to do yoga (she does it with me every morning) whistles all the time, loves to eat sweet potatoes, green beans, yogurt, and anything off our plates... she loooves to dance. She loves to draw, and likes to use anything that I use. She constantly calls people on my phone... and pulls out my credit cards out of my wallet, loves necklaces and earrings, and loves to play legos and roll balls. She is a little girl for sure... She also loves to kiss and hug.


I changed my business name to Fifth & Hazel this past year, altered my logo a little bit (which is the last time.. I promised Dan) launched a new website, designed a whole slew of products, and kept busy with tons of different clients in photography and design. It was an exciting year of learning a new balance between being a mom (which is wonderful), running a design business, juggling many church callings, and of course keeping my sanity by exercising. Dan has been so supportive through it all, and though it was quite a challenging year, it was by far the best year so far. But isn't that how it is? It just keeps getting crazier, but better!


Daniel has been super busy this past year. He had some really hard classes to finish up for his prerequisites, worked a ton as a physical therapist aide, juggled several hard callings, and all while being a supportive father and husband. Maggie adores Daniel, and Dan dotingly calls Maggie his "little lady." We have a lot of fun.


obviously we have fun. ha. Maggie is living proof yes?


We hope you had a great 2010, and we are excited to see what changes 2011 has for our family. Bring it!!!


The Burks & Burkling

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