Monday, May 10, 2010

happy mother's day to me!

I love these two. Even if being a mother requires um.... no sleep. :)

and to my dear friend Britt who finally announced yesterday:

Isn't she radiant? I loved photographing her.
I will be documenting her whole pregnancy (and fingers crossed, birth!!!)
To see her "pregnant but super skinny" photos see here.


  1. oh mel those photos of maggie are too too cute. i love her little brown dress :)

    love you!!

  2. Maggie's half-smile...too, too much for me. And SERIOUSLY. Could Brittany be any more gorgeous? Pregnancy becomes her. You can see her happiness in her eyeballs or something.

  3. hey i know that dress! also it looks WAY cuter on her than on the hanger. i think her adorableness helps just a little...



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