Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Really? I mean really?

I have been meaning to post these for awhile. So ridiculous, it makes me laugh.

Please make sure and read the small print on these... so silly.

Thank heavens I was born now.


  1. bahahah! That's so great! And yet so horrible all at the same time. Amen to the being born as part of this generation comment!

  2. I linked to your blog from Cari's--congratulations on your new(ish) baby! She's adorable. I read your birth story, too. Good for you! I went natural with my second and I think it's the best way to go :)
    PS This is Kate Allan--I lived on your floor at Helaman Halls. You probably don't know my married name...

  3. Oh gosh. That's pretty pathetic and, like you said, I'm glad I was born now! Yikes.

  4. but you know, if I were to be a mat on the floor for someone to walk on, I'd want to be a tiger mat. rar. jk. I love your blog Mel! Keep the cute pictures coming!



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