Sunday, February 28, 2010

daddy's girl

It is almost scary how much Maggie looks like Daniel. One of these days I will scan in his baby picture so you can see how similar they look. But here is a little proof that Maggie and Daniel are similar- their natural mohawk. In the morning Daniel has a natural mohawk, and Maggie sports one 24/7... so I thought it would be fun to put the two of them together!

I realized there are hardly any pictures of Maggie with me... So here are some family shots.

and just fyi.. these pictures are a few weeks old. We haven't taken any pictures the past few weeks because Maggie and I have been sick. Daniel has been taking care of us. Soon we should be up and running so we can take more pictures of our little chubster :)


  1. Oh great, so now I got both you AND Maggie sick! I'm sorry :( Thanks again for hanging out with me over the last few weeks. You were honestly my sanity saver. It was so good to be with a good friend and was such a treat since I don't get to see you that often. Get better soon!

  2. Melanie! You're a MOM!!!! It just makes me SO happy! Your little Maggie is a doll. I just want to kiss those cheeks of hers. Can't wait to meet her :)

  3. so cute mel -- I am sorry you are feeling under the weather!! Let me know when you are ready for light company -- e.g... we can watch a movie.

  4. Haha I love the matching mohawks! She's so cute!!

  5. She's a doll; I love the fat face!



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