Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dear World

My mom has been slacking in keeping up the blog, so I will fill in for her. She has been super busy taking care of me (muahaha) and working while I sleep. But here is what I have been up to lately:

Trying on christmas hats, and outfits.

Making lots of new friends- Natalie & Sara (I already know her!)
I liked aunt Jamie.
And Aunt Brittany and Aunt Joojie...
I met my Dad's old college roomates, and they have some cute boys... for when I am older. I couldn't help but check them out though... We were suppose to look forward?
I looove Aunt Anna.
I also took my first trip down to San Diego for New Years- and got to play with Aunt Charity while my parents went to the temple.

I met lots of new friends down there too- Becca...
Jen (she had a tasty shirt!)

And I really liked playing with my almost cousin Beckett, even though I didn't like sitting up, He tried to help me.
I hung out with Aunt Charity and Aunt Ali (she's a crazy one!)
And met my Great Grandma Doris, and my Great Grandma and Grandpa Walker. They are really fun!
I love Nona and Papa.

I went my first time to the beach- which was so fun, but I fell asleep watching Dad surf.

Well I think that about fills you in... I should post pictures of my baby blessing, but I am tired. Time to eat- how should I get my mom's attention? I've got it....


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  2. oh heavens. no no words mel! this makes me oh so utterly happy! thanks for posting maggie :)

    love you so so much. let's hug again soon.

  3. Good catch up! You sure have been having lots of fun. Glad you are keeping your mom on track maggie :)

  4. Dear Maggie, Someday I will get to hold you too! Until then, sure love you!

    Auntie Sheralie

    ps. Since when does Gpa Keith wear sweaters?

  5. Glad for all these photos. Sure missing you all.



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