Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Morning

Maggie's first Easter. She loved her Easter basket (Thanks Nonna Bev) but mostly wanted to put everything in her mouth. Have I mentioned that everything goes in her mouth these days? It makes me laugh.

And she loves blowing bubbles. And her bumbo.

And my moment of happiness- I got a new camera lens, which means these were all straight unedited from the camera (except the two black and white) huzzah!!

PS. Thank you Sister Leonard for the beautiful outfit and hair bow... so beautiful!


  1. Love them!! You are just amazing at photography. Sure love you girl!!!

  2. Oh, Maggie is so adorable and much more grown up since New Years! I am coming up this saturday to watch Abbs BYU soccer tournament. I'll call you and see if you are around! Love you!!! Aunt Michelle

  3. Super cute Mel...I told my mom to check it out and this is what she said.. "
    "Tell Mel thank you for the shout out!! She looks beautiful, cleaning out my email box today and just watched her birth movie all over and cried again!! She has grown so fast!!"

    She looks great, and the nice lens certainly helps. Thanks for sharing!

  4. She is already looking so different. I absolutely love her hair bow and outfit! Great pictures too- enjoy your new lens :)

  5. oh my goodness she looks so old, and i'm missing it! so sad, but she's beautiful mel. so so beautiful.

    miss you, love you!

  6. She does look older! Wow. She's gorgeous, but I don't need to tell you that! :)

  7. She looks like YOU! I love the bubbles.

  8. be careful mel, when you're not watching that flower on her headband is going to eat maggie. also, she is ADORABLE.



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