Thursday, September 10, 2009

feeling a little domestic are we?

Maybe its the nesting urge... maybe its the fact that I have finally felt healthy the last month... or maybe its the fact that I am home all day long working... and about 2 PM on some days I feel like I can't possibly think of another creative idea...

But anyways, with all of these things going on, somehow, I have started becoming more domestic. Its been little by little- I started a goal to do something each day (to keep myself from going insane) At first it was cleaning my house... going through piles that have just sat there...then organizing addresses... and then slowly, I started doing really crazy things. Such as:

1. I made freezer jam. (peach-rasberry...) I can't brag too much about this.. I was in Idaho and my aunt and grandma taught me... Freezer jam is the best! Its EASY. You just mash, mix, add sugar... done! Easier than cookies. (Pretty picture from Idaho this weekend:)

2. I canned!! I never thought this would happen. It was a lot of work. However, I loooove canned peaches, so I thought I would give it a go. It seems to have turned out alright... I only did half the peaches though... I only had enough energy to work on it an hour and half as it turns out.... so I have to finish tomorrow....or saturday... or just eat all of those fresh peaches. Its a toss up.

3. I made cookies and dinner today.. Lately it has been just dinner. I haven't been able to eat anything sweet this whole pregnancy- and I still have to be careful. But this recipe is for healthy cookies without butter, without refined sugar or flour.... bananas, oats, almonds, coconut... chocolate of course... pretty tasty.

I am exhausted. Time to get back to work and do some design... just one last lovely pic from idaho from this weekend:

ps. I can't brag too much.... Just last night as I was feeling so proud for being domestic I spilled a TON of freezer jam all over my floor. That was a pain cleaning... Its hard to get on your hands and knees when you are 7 months pregnant.....


  1. my goodness, all of my friends are so domestic as of late. all that jamming! and your cookies look delicious! if only i had even the slightest urge to bake/cook ANYTHING. i will be the world's worst wife.

  2. cheers to you! to us, for being better wives! (i'm sure dan and andrew would agree).. cooking is exhausting, but so worth it! (: let's play again soon.

  3. Hey way to go, thats my girl... jamming it up and cooking and baking AND CANNING!!! Woah! My Mom taught me that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. There is some truth to that! Cooking for your family is a gift of time and love and besides, its nice to eat quality food too! I am proud of you for taking the time to nurture with quality nutrition and effort! I love you!
    love mom

  4. it's totally the working from home thing - i've become so domestic too it's insane! toni comes home and i cook him dinner. say wha?! i love planning it out - and baking, and i clean all day too. it's totally fun! hahahha

    miss you :(



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