Tuesday, September 22, 2009

tetons and baja

I guess I am catching up on my summer posts. Here are some family pictures from this summer-especially featuring Sheralie's family.

Monroe Clan by Yellowstone lake.

Mr. Jeffrey on the boat- quite a happy kid.
Laird loved driving with my Dad.
The Whole crew who went white water river rafting on the Snake river. I passed- thinking that I was quite nautious on dry ground, and I didn't think others would appreciate me throwing up the whole time :) Jeffrey was quite courageous- Laird did not go, you can see he has his blanky which would not have made the voyage either....Did I mention Laird's love for weapons? Sheralie told me he recently named all of the kitchen knives (The weapon knife, the mango knife, the hunting knife... what a kid)I love this shot. Pete was quite patient getting Lucy to eat her yogurt.
I tried to teach Jeffrey about the dam... I didn't have too much to tell him, where is my engineering husband to explain practical things. I only know fonts...
Lucy on the boat... probably the happiest she was the whole trip.
This is more of how Lucy was the whole trip....


So yes, I feel like everyone is caught up on our summer... now that it is finally the end of September.


  1. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  2. i almost asked where greg was and then i remembered that whole mission thing...whoops....i'm gonna call you tomorrow so we can chat for real.



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