Friday, September 18, 2009

indiana pictures

In august we spent a week with the Dan's family in Indiana. It was lots of fun, we swam in Lake Michigan (as it turns out not Michigan lake...) looked at Amish people, went to some baseball games (yay!) and just had a great time.

Jonah and James (cute nephews)

Jared (who looked so cute with all this food on his mouth) and Kailey

Dan was the king of sandcastles and finally convinced me that Lake Michigan can have waves (although very tiny ones)

There were mudpits which I did not visit... but still got attacked

We saw the Cubs and the White Sox... I was so happy to get my summer baseball fix.

We also visited Aunt Mary who is 101... Incredible Lady- isn't she lovely?

Daniels parents- Bart & Judy. Thank you for hosting us!


  1. Hi It is Julie Quiggle Winegar! Your blog is so great, you are so cute. I had to comment how funny it is, my inlaws are Bert and Judy. I did a double take of the names and giggled.

    Congrats on the burkling...

  2. I just love the mudpit picture. And we must be sisters. It is hard to have a summer pass without going to a baseball game! What a fun trip. I need to hear more abou it. This is Sheralie, BTW.



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